A Better Weigh to Healthy Cookbook

A Better Weigh to Healthy Cookbook

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It’s finally here! After many years of eating sugar free and then transitioning into gluten free several years ago, we’ve finally compiled our favorite recipes into a low glycemic cookbook. Although this cookbook is designed to help you lose stubborn weight, it is also perfect for diabetics or those who are wanting to maintain or gain weight in a healthy way.

Most of the recipes have a dairy free option listed for those of you who are dairy free. You will be surprised how delicious and “normal-tasting” these recipes are. From pecan pie and peanut butter pie, to stuffed chicken breasts, soups, biscuits, angel food cake, yeast donuts, easy bars and cookies, creamy no bake cheesecakes, raspberry chiffon pie, soft serve ice creams and many sourdough recipes, this cookbook will work for the novice or gourmet chef.

This book is Trim Healthy Mama inspired, and each recipe is clearly marked whether it is a fats, carbs, neutral, or combination of fats and carbs–making it effortless to use if you’re following the THM plan.

It will contain 400 pages of recipes and also much information about naturally treating many health conditions we’ve personally experienced like: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, allergies, Leaky Gut, psoriasis, eczema, adrenal fatigue, low blood pressure and Hashimoto’s thyroid disease.

I can’t give professional medical advice, but I will share what has worked for us over the years in healing these conditions. God has blessed us, and hardly anything excites me more than to help others find root issues and healing naturally with delicious, gourmet food, vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed by our Creator God.

Whether you or a friend is struggling with health issues, trying to lose weight, or just looking for yummy dairy, sugar, or gluten free recipes, this cookbook was created for you.

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